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Kirk Miller is the Author of Chaos to Cured, Co-Host of the radio show Beyond Clarity, and founder of After overcoming and successfully managing bipolar 1, OCD, generalized anxiety, and ADHD, Kirk Miller now coaches and helps families, couples, and individuals realize there is more to who they are than their diagnosis. He has spent ten years utilizing his unique perspective and insight to guide his clients to a more productive, positive, and stable life. As a mental fitness coach, Mr. Miller’s goal is to help each and every client realize we all stumble and struggle at times but where there is a will, healthy support, and guidance, there is always hope.

David is an accomplished singer/songwriter, musician and spinal cord injury survivor currently living in Los Angeles. His American Idol audition in 2018 gained over 60 million views, and he was also featured on the Ellen Degeneres show. He has performed on stage with Martina McBride, Steven Curtis Chapman and opened for 3 sold out shows for THE VOICE winner, Chris Blue. He has also written a book and album called “Lionheart” and shared his story to thousands of high schoolers around the country and world.

Dale Walsh was diagnosed with schizophrenia after a successful freshman year at Dartmouth College in 1975. He transformed his mental health journey into a coaching business for the “forgotten victims” of the illness: the caregivers and family members of those diagnosed with schizophrenia. After a period of “revolving door” hospitalizations until 1993, hehas been episode-free for 28 years.