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Mental health services for Latinos are in low supply, higher demand due to COVID-19

Other People’s Opinion and Your Self-Esteem

So, How Are You Doing?

Self-Care in Times of Distress and Continuous Crisis

How to talk about mental health at work during pandemic and election

Here’s What Five Teenage Podcasters Want Parents To Know About Mental Health

44 Children’s Books About Mental Health

Why Mental Health Is Even More Important Than We Think… Read More

Talking Election Stress and Effects on Relationships with Dr. Laura Franco

On Thursday, Dr. Laura Franco joined Moments of Clarity with Tiffany. Dr. Franco is a Psychotherapist with Life Solutions Services in Brandon.   She  treats individuals, couples, and families and provides psychotherapy, couples therapy, family mediation and training.  How has this 2020 … Read More

When our past launches us into creative ways towards helping others in magnificent ways

Mickey’s story is personal and inspirational. He went through his own struggle with substance abuse and it was through this difficult time that he realised his own personal strength and determination to make a difference in other people’s lives. He studied pre-law in college and then had a ‘changing point moment’ where he could reflect and say, “maybe there is a different path I need to take.” He pursued his Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health and has been practicing since 2012. … Read More

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