When the Dust Settled

Your Condition does not have to be your Conclusion

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Joe Potosi is not only a Navy Veteran, husband and father of two sons, as well as so much more. He also has a history as being a television star, a radio host for approximately 12 years!!

He is now currently promoting his book of a 2 two time “Author Elite Awards” Nominated book “When The Dust Settled “ When The Dust Settled Fan Page which is an amazing story of overcoming abuse and not victimizing yourself He is an amazing advocate to use you past to “Not make you Condition be your Conclusion”

Today, Joe is also a Motivational Speaker and Podcast host.
Joe is also a Pastor. He has volunteered as a Chaplain at the county jail, Manor Care Rehab Services, and,in addition, served as a basketball coach at the Y.M.C.A for the last 23 years.
Joe is unconditionally all about helping people in his community, especially with the younger generation. He has been also a team member and support to the “Moments of Clarity with Tiffany” team, volunteering to end the stigma on mental health.
His book is up for another award this year and needs your support!

Please vote for his book “When The Dust Settled” by Joe Potosi (page link directly below
His passion of forgiveness and overcoming severe childhood trauma is exceptional and definitely mind-blowing. Hear his story!



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