“Freeing Your Heart For Love” even after surviving narcissistic abusive relationships

Lorrine Patterson earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. She has worked in the hotel industry, property management, and facilities management with a focus on customer service. She is living proof that the human heart can withstand many hardships. Lorrine has overcome suicidal depression, survived three failed marriages and numerous relationships, but she never stopped trying to improve herself. Every experience in her life has pointed her down roads she didn’t understand at the time. But maybe she wasn’t meant to. Left to discover her unique truth, Lorrine has overcome the odds and continues finding success. She met and married the love of her life in 2017, is the proud mother of seven and a grandmother of three. Her first book, “Freeing Your Heart For Love” is available now!

Lorrine’s story can be considered tragic by many, yet, since she never gave up herself or the ability to see the good in others, she has a phenomenal ending to her story thus far!

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