Discussing how with boundless hope and confidence we will prevail in reducing and preventing child abuse

Dr. Gregory Chase: Emergency Medicine 1987-2019, Retired 5/2019 Director / Editor Childabuse.com, since 1990 to present, discusses how “Children are the future of our community”.

At childabuse.com, we believe in the value of children. They have a right to a safe environment in which to grow and flourish. 2020 has seen unprecedented changes in our society, our lives, and those who do not always have a voice of their own, our children.

Through lockdowns, business closures, and sadly the loss of our friends, our parents, and grandparents we have all been faced with life changing events that most have been unprepared to deal with. This has led to an increase in family stressors that have sadly led to incidents of family violence such as child abuse, intimate partner abuse, depression, drug & alcohol abuse, and even suicide. Our goal, my goal is to stand within that divide by educating and bringing awareness to be a voice as a fierce advocate for justice, new approaches, and accountability in helping to curb the incidence of depression which is often the root of family violence, child abuse, and violence against women.

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