What's Your Story?

Discussing how C-PTSD in childhood can lead to unhealthy relationships and future decision making.

From Thursday’s show:

Special guest, Pamela Topjian, has survived C-PTSD with the help of EMDR. She suffered neglect, was often hungry, and was sexually assaulted as a young teen, date raped as a teen, lost a sibling in her teens and became a young mother at age 17. She was in two unhealthy marriages, the second being an abusive alcoholic and drug addict. She developed severe depression and anxiety and moved across the country on a bus on a whim and took a year to heal from there. Hear her journey of finding her dream life, fully happy while healing and building her own hypnotherapy practice to help others. Her story will help others know they are not alone in whatever is going on in their lives, and that it can get better, they do have choices and options.

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