All About Protecting Kids This Week on MOC

(Update – Sorry for those of you who were looking forward to these shows. There were some illnesses and other emergencies between both Tiffany and the guests this week, and bot will be rescheduled soon. No worries, nothing serious, just things that got in the way of doing the show live.) 

This week we’ve got a couple of guests, and the one thing they have in common is working to keep kids safe.

Tomorrow, Tiffany will be joined by Dr. Phill Morris, founder and CED of “The Generation X Group”, who offers 40 plus years of actual experience working with gangs. His testimonies are real, hard core, dramatic, yet powerful. It is reality and straight from a highly affiliated member who have stomped the streets of Los Angeles that now come to you with solutions.

In 1994, Phill suffered a tragic lost. The death of his younger brother, though not gang related, ignited a desire to reach the youth across America. In memory of his brother, organizing his own youth organization, “Generation X Group” was born. Generation X Group has existed for many years with no funding, but has still provided assistance to the people of the community and continues to service various communities and schools without financial gain or compensation. His desire to rebuild the community he once helped to destroy became unshakable. The passion that dwells deep within him for the youth is like a forest fire on a rampage. He is determined to see growth and change within his community and communities throughout the nation, through persistence and consistency Phill is seeing change!

We look forward to hearing lots about his experiences in working with kids, and also his work as a family counselor.

On Friday, it will be Dr. Gregory Chase, founder of

The website, in addition to being the place where you can get a copy of Tiffany’s book about child abuse survivors, is also a great resource for learning more about child abuse and the effect it has on individuals and society as a whole. You can read the stories of survivors, find resources, and get in touch with helplines.

Dr. Chase will be talking about abuse, and how the website has been helping survivors find help over the years.

You can join us by tuning in, Noon Eastern Time, to either TanTalk1340,YouTube Live, or on Facebook Live.

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