Protecting the “Throne”-Mind, Body, Spirit with Helen Edwards

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Helen Edwards is an international author, inspirational speaker, podcaster, coach, and yoga instructor. MOC was very grateful to have her on the show Thursday.

How did she first get her moment of clarity? Helen first got her start with her passion and the work she is doing today in 2008 when she began working at a prison shelter to help those incarcerated. Using her survival skills and yoga she founded the Prison Yoga Project supporting incarcerated people with trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness practices. Some of those survival skills first started by being raised by a strong-willed, single mom along with her 4 siblings. She learned quickly to rely on herself, work hard, and protect her warrior spirit. She explains, “when you feel negative energies you need to warrior up!”

During the show she shared some practices that not only help us through the obstacles we face in the pandemic but also when dealing with a loss or grief of a loved one. Helen had to draw on these practices herself when dealing with the sudden death of her brother. She shares that love sometimes means having hard conversations but you can not run from them, face them. She talks openly about love and death and the experiences that have brought her to where she is now.

Helen beams enthusiasm and if you missed the live show you can replay it now.

Helen Edwards is the Host of Sexy Freedom Media Podcast You can find her book “Nothing Sexier Than Freedom” on Amazon.
More about Helen can be found on FB: @SexyFreedomMedia | IG: @Helofajourney

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