When the Dust Settled

Discussing Child Abuse, Recovery and Forgiveness with Award Winning Author, Joe Potosi

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On Friday, good friend and author Joe Potosi joined Moments of Clarity. Joe is a Navy Veteran, husband and a father of two sons. He was a television and radio host for 12 years. He is the Author of the book “When The Dust Settled”.  He is also a Motivational Speaker.

MOC expresses a heartfelt thank you to Joe Potosi for being on the show Friday. As mentioned in the show Joe had lost his mother in law that week, just two days prior.  He felt it was an opportunity to be on the show so he could share his story in the hope of helping others who may be struggling.

In the show Joe said, “even if you have experienced a tragedy you can choose to stay in that place or move on with your life.”  During the show Joe discussed that from an early age he and his siblings suffered from verbal and physical abuse in his home. He also had the responsibility of helping to raise his younger siblings. As he grew up he found ways and resources to escape the harm he received at home, not only from his stepfather but from his mother as well.  

It was not until Joe was in high school that he started to believe he could make a better life for himself and shortly after high school he joined the Navy.  Joe worked through his anger and resentment and was able to move past his emotional turmoil he suffered.  He shared on the show that through time, counseling, and journaling he has been able to build trustworthy relationships and break the cycle of abuse. 

Joe is continually helping people in his community, especially the younger generations. Joe is a team member of Moments of Clarity with Tiffany. For information on Joe or to read his book “When The Dust Settled”, visit his Website: https://joepotosi.com/ 

If you missed this special conversation on the live show you can replay it now.

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