Overcoming Grief – Janelle Johnson

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On Thursday, Tiffany was joined by Janelle Johnson a special returning guest of MOC. 

Janelle Johnson, MA, LPC, NCC has a Private Practice Life Balance Counseling & Podcast Trust With “J”.

During the show Janelle shared with listeners about her own encounters with grief and loss when she experienced a significant loss at a young age which was not only close and personal but unexpected and devastating. She also dealt with the death of her grandmother while finishing her masters in counseling.  She explains that although death is inevitable you have to take the time to acknowledge this loss, grieve and feel what you are going to feel. 
We can find hope through these losses. Janelle shared some wonderful insights about coping with loss during the pandemic and that when dealing with any loss, especially during a pandemic it’s important to share, share how you’re feeling and how people can help you through these difficult times. During the pandemic people are not just experiencing loss through death but also the loss of jobs, loss of homes, and even a loss of what was normal everyday life.
To learn more about Janelle Johnson visit her on facebook and her website. 
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