Overcoming Grief and Trauma This Week on Moments of Clarity

We hope you all had a good Thanksgiving Holiday in the US. If you’ve been following along you know by now that we did not wind up having a live show last Friday, with the holiday and everything else going on, there was just this short discussion with Dr. Laura Franco on Thanksgiving to share with you all.

This week, however, we’ll be back with more guests.

Tomorrow, Dec. 3, Tiffany will be joined by Janelle Johnson to talk about grief.

Janelle formed Life Balance Counseling Business and Private Practice of Aurora, Colorado in 2011. Janelle is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a National Certified Counselor. Janelle’s current position at Life Balance Counseling is a Virtual Licensed Professional Counselor. As a passionate LPC Janelle was led to specialize and practice in areas that are dear to her. She works with adult clients wanting to recognize anxiety triggers, manage depression symptoms, process grief and loss, build healthy relationships, sustain self-worth, and value. Janelle has an authentic interest in her client’s personal, and social growth. In therapy Janelle listens to people for understanding; while pulling out their own values so they may “balance their life.” Therapist and Client work collaboratively to maximize the client’s full potential as they work to live profound and fruitful lives. Clients are encouraged to access resources available to nurture themselves, others, and what is dear to them. Additionally, Janelle writes and contributes articles to marriage.com, the Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC), and is published on Good Therapy, “What Minorities Can Expect from a Culturally Competent Therapist.”

The two therapists will talk offer their advice on what is really a timely topic as we head into the holidays. Many of us who have suffered the loss of a loved one struggle with holidays. The season can be a reminder of our grief, and a painful time. Janelle will offer her tips on grief, and help to educate us all about the process.

You can learn more about Janelle, and her own podcast at https://www.facebook.com/janellejohnson.org

On Friday, we will be joined by old friend Joe Potosi. Joe is the author of When the Dust Settled, and a survivor of child abuse. He is also Navy Veteran, husband and a father of two sons, who, in his own words is “all about helping people in my community, especially the younger generation”, with his volunteer efforts as a coach, and chaplain.

You can learn more about Joe, and his book at https://joepotosi.com/

We hope you’ll take some time from your own busy December and join us.

You can join us by tuning in, Noon Eastern Time, to either TanTalk1340,YouTube Live, or on Facebook Live.


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