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Celebrity Comedian Rebekah Kochan discusses OCD and Mental Health!

On Friday, Tiffany was joined by special guest Rebekah Kochan. Rebekah is an actor, comedian, and producer from LA. She has a long list of movies to her bio, including “Tiffani” in the five Eating Out films. She and her husband Dante Rusciolelli are the CEO’s of Golden Artist Entertainment. She is an all around star with tremendous talent and MOC was honored to have her on the show.

Rebekah has been working in entertainment since she was a very young girl. She was born and raised in Las Vegas and at age 17 she moved to LA to focus on her acting career. It was also during this time in her life she was diagnosed with general anxiety. She said she always struggled with feeling bad, had intrusive thoughts, and had thought, “this must be normal and how everyone feels.”

She discussed how during COVID her anxiety increased and she had to find a therapist that would really get to the root of her issues. After a lot of searching and talking to several therapists she was diagnosed with OCD. Specifically a form of OCD (PURE O) marked by intrusive, overthinking, and uncontrollable thoughts (or obsessions). Someone may have OCD but may not engage in obvious behaviors related to their intrusive thoughts, such as the physical traits of counting or hand-washing, the disorder is instead accompanied by hidden mental thoughts.

She was relieved to finally find a therapist that can offer treatment to manage her OCD. She says for those out there that may be going through something similar, to ask lots of questions and not give up. There is help out there and you will find the right therapist. Rebekah also shared some ways that help her cope, especially in this time of a pandemic, like mediation and yoga. 

If you missed this show live, hit replay now!  You can follow Rebekah and check her and other amazing comedians on the US Comedy Contest @goldenartistsentertainment

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