Lamont Patterson Discusses Protecting Children from Abuse

On Thursday, Tiffany was joined by special guest Lamont Patterson, the CEO of World Movement Enterprises. He has written many songs for well known artists, he is an entrepreneur, and hosts a radio show called CAN A PLAYA PLAY.

From an early age Lamont was surrounded by music, from playing saxophone in school to singing in church. On the show he spoke about when he was first starting out playing music he did not have full support of his family cheering him on and that did affect him growing up. He later moved from Texas out to LA experiencing some culture shock when when he was one of the only black students at his all white Catholic school.

Throughout his career in music and acting he had many great opportunities and a long career in the industry. He shared how some of these experiences inspired him to create a show called Pop Kids, an educational program, teaching kids to be on-air personalities, interviewing and using a soundboard. He also created the Rising Star Industry Showcase. This platform allowed kids to showcase their talents.

Through his projects he’s been able to encourage and help children. He eventually met Brigitte Harris, a young girl who was molested by her father. Lamont was able to help publish and tell her story, giving her a voice about sexual abuse. He also sits on the board of TELL HFSAC (Humanitarians for Sexually Abused Children). He has been able to work with other musicians to create concerts to raise money to help children who have been abused. He hopes to create places, “safe haven’s” for the children who have been abused. You can find out more about Lamont Patterson and his work at

If you missed this show be sure to replay it here. You can tune in on Thursdays and Fridays at 12pm for a live guest interview with Moments of Clarity with Tiffany.

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