Nowhere to go but up, with Sean Dustin

On Thursday, Tiffany was joined by Sean Dustin who hosts the podcast, Nowhere To Go But Up!, where he shares his journey as a single dad, and a former drug addict, and his experiences in order to help others.

Sean openly talked about how he grew up in an abusive household.  At age five his parents divorced. He discusses how his parents would use him to get back at each other and feeling put in the middle of the divorce was traumatic for him.  As a result he blamed himself, he was angry, and bullied other kids. He said he really started to act out and find inappropriate ways to cope, and at a very early age discovered pornography. He acted out from age 5 up through his adult years, eventually ending up in prison. 

These experiences influenced his behavior and relationships growing up, and also made him treat others in an abusive way. It was not until later in life and owning up to his mistakes that he could grow and become a better person. Now a father himself, he can have better relationships and be a better role model to his child. He says it’s so important to talk to your children about relationships and when to talk to you when something may not be appropriate. Make them aware, educate them, and let them know it’s always okay to talk to them. 

On the show he also spoke about the experience with a brother who is a transgender female and how he felt it affected his relationship with her. 

If you didn’t catch the live show on Thursday, click replay here! Tune on Thursdays and Fridays Noon – 1pm for Moments of Clarity with Tiffany. 

You can reach Sean on his platforms and podcast:

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