Florida Hurricane

The Winds Of Change, or Hurricanes, This Week, Maybe, On MOC

Since the Tampa area is currently being invaded by Hurricane Eta, this week’s show schedule may be at the mercy of nature, and the availability of power and internet access.

Let’s hope things are not too bad, and the photo above is not a true depiction of what’s happening at show time!

That being said, we are planning on welcoming a couple of great guests this week on Moments of Clarity who have seen some changes in their own lives.

Tomorrow, Nov. 12, we will have Sean Dustin on to share his story. Sean is the host of the Nowhere to go but Up podcast.

As you may have guessed from the title, Sean has had his own journey. In his own words:

This podcast was inspired by my own journey, and evolution through life, and wanting to share my story as well as stories from regular every day people. I’m a single dad, Union blue collar guy, former drug addict, spent time in Federal and State prison for drug trafficking and fraud. I was released in 2006 with nothing but the clothes on my back, and a bag of mail, and legal paperwork. In 2010 I finally kicked a long time methamphetamine habit, and started the long climb back up the ladder of life. I’m happy to say in 2019 I have managed to navigate myself into a position where i feel confident in sharing my struggles and successes, in the hopes of helping others.

Sean and Tiffany will talk about his journey, his current work through the podcast, and the hope of recovery from addiction.

To follow Sean, and learn more, check out –https://linktr.ee/Nowheretogobutup/

On Friday, Tiffany will be joined by a fellow therapist. Robyn L. Stern.

Robyn is a licensed clinical social worker, LCSW, and therapist who specializes in OCD and BDD (Body Dysmorphia Disorder) treatment, bringing her own experience with those issues into her work with clients. Again, we will have the pleasure of hearing how Robyn not only overcame those issues, but is now using that experience to help others do so as well.

It’s sure to be an inspirational, and educational, discussion.

You can learn more about Robyn at her site – https://www.rlsterntherapy.com

You can join us by tuning in, Noon Eastern Time, to either TanTalk1340,YouTube Live, or on Facebook Live.

And if you’re in the path of Eta, stay safe!

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