The Rise of Substance Abuse and Relapse in Isolation

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On Friday, Kirk P. Miller joined Moments of Clarity for another great conversation, this time Tiffany and Kirk discussed the rise of substance abuse and relapse due the trauma and isolation in 2020. Kirk is an advocate and author of “Chaos to Cured” and works as a mental health advocate, radio host, and head violin instructor of Miller-Beck Institute of Music. 
In this show Kirk addresses situations that can affect us during a pandemic but could also trigger behaviors that can lead to substance abuse and for those in recovery, a relapse. Kirk says, “substance abuse often starts with self medicating.”  Because of the pandemic many of us have been forced to face some personal challenges, work stress, and experience loneliness. Ways to combat this trauma and isolation is to talk to friends, talk to your doctor, adjust your routine, make time for family, and get outside.  You may even confront relationships that are toxic, in this situation it is important to establish healthy boundaries.
If you or someone you love is experiencing changes in mood or behavior, be compassionate, ask them if they need to talk or find a friend to talk with.  Take steps to move in a positive direction to maintain a healthy life and relationships. Be honest about the feelings you are having, you may be overwhelmed, depressed, angry, or sad. If you are using alcohol to numb these feelings this may be a good time to talk with your doctor or seek counseling. 
In this live show Kirk and Tiffany also talked about “core emotions, adjustment disorder, PTSD, forgiveness, and more”. If you missed it you can replay it below, and remember you can always check out any of the shows on our YouTube Channel

For more about Kirk’s story you can reach Kirk Patrick Miller on twitter @Chaos2Cured Check out his book “Chaos to Cured”

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