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Talking Election Stress and Effects on Relationships with Dr. Laura Franco

On Thursday, Dr. Laura Franco joined Moments of Clarity with Tiffany. Dr. Franco is a Psychotherapist with Life Solutions Services in Brandon.   She  treats individuals, couples, and families and provides psychotherapy, couples therapy, family mediation and training. 

How has this 2020 election year impacted you? On this show Dr. Laura talked about how we can experience conflict in relationships and strain with family and friends as a result of the election. It’s important to establish a priority for family over politics. It is okay to discuss and even debate, just be aware of where you are coming from and how you respond. 

We have already dealt with so much stress through the pandemic and now more than ever we need to find ways to stay positive and maintain a good home and work life as we turn the corner on the recent elections. 

Here are just a few takeaways on balancing work, family, stress, quarantine: Get outside, limit time on social media, designate time for family and self-care, listen to music, journal, and exercise. For more great tips shared on the show replay below.

You can reach Dr. Laura Franco at Life Solutions 

Or on her social channels! 


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