Discussing symptoms of ADHD, OCD, and Bipolar with Kirk Patrick Miller

On Thursday, Tiffany was joined by good friend and fellow advocate, Kirk Patrick Miller. Kirk is the author of “Chaos to Cured” and works as a mental health advocate, radio host, and head violin instructor of Miller-Beck Institute of Music. 

During the show Kirk shared how he was diagnosed with severe bi-polar disorder in his early twenties but through help and finding the right treatment he has been able to manage his disorder and lead a productive and happy life.   He mentions that someone who has a disorder can be really focused in one area of their life, like work, but can also be fatigued and exhausted by everyday tasks. He also points out that there are skill sets, positive ones, with those who have ADHD and they can use them to their advantage and even find a career path that works with their skills. 

Handling one disorder has challenges but managing more than one disorder can be overwhelming and also dangerous. Kirk explains that some disorders can have shared symptoms and it may take time to find the right treatment. He emphasized that if you or someone you know is experiencing severe anxiety, or depression, seek professional care. 

Do you have a loved one who has bi-polar? It can be frustrating for family members and friends.  Kirk shared ways that families can support and relate to loved ones who have bi-polar. Kirk hopes to shed some light on the complexities of living with bi-polar, ADHD, and OCD disorders. If you missed the show you can replay it here! 

For more about Kirk’s story you can reach Kirk Patrick Miller on twitter @Chaos2CuredCheck out his book “Chaos to Cured”

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