When our past launches us into creative ways towards helping others in magnificent ways

On Friday, Tiffany was joined by a special guest, Mickey Power, Licensed Professional Counselor, founder of Jaguarundi Shores a therapeutic resort located in Belize. Mickey has been a counselor and couples therapist in Oklahoma and Texas. 

Mickey’s story is personal and inspirational. He went through his own struggle with substance abuse and it was through this difficult time that he realised his own personal strength and determination to make a difference in other people’s lives. He studied pre-law in college and then had a ‘changing point moment’ where he could reflect and say, “maybe there is a different path I need to take.” He pursued his Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health and has been practicing since 2012. 

The idea of Jaguarundi Shores did not just happen overnight it came from many years of hard work and experience working with couples. Mickey wanted to have a place where couples could really have time to reflect on their relationship, take excursions not just date nights and make real progress in their relationship in a special environment.  The location, recently discovered during a vacation with his wife Makaelea along his side, would be the perfect place to have a destination retreat for couples. They both agreed after a long week in Belize that it was meant to be and it would become the future home of Jaguarundi Shores. 

Jaguarundi Shores offers several retreats where clients can truly reconnect free of the distractions we all face in our stress ridden lifestyles. Treatments are also available for substance abuse, anxiety/trauma and more

For more information you can contact them on their website or facebook.com/jaguarundishores/(918) 774-3242 jaguarundishores@gmail.com

If you missed this Moments of Clarity with Tiffany – you can replay it below.

See you next week – Thursday and Friday from noon – 1pm for another amazing guest interview

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