Scott Bigley Finds Opportunities In a Pandemic, and Has Some Financial Advice Too!

On Thursday, Tiffany was joined by Scott Bigley with Forever Forward Financial.  His company assists families and business owners in learning “How Money Works!” How to make more, save more, grow more and keep it all safe!!  Forever Forward Financial offers business, financial, investment, retirement planning services, and more! 

Many people have felt the hardships and losses during this pandemic, emotionally and financially. And on top of this we are trying to navigate the new normal routine in our current situation.  In the show, Scott points out that there are some positive things we can learn as a result of the pandemic.  He says by being forced to move inside we start to have important conversations at the table with our family. We can look inward about spiritual life, social identity, and our physical health. This gives us a moment to pause and talk to each other about more difficult topics, like finances, and hopefully from this we can reflect on what is really important.
This is a great moment of clarity (YAY!) for us to look for opportunities during all of this uncertainty and make a plan to move forward. If we can be better prepared, financially, we can live healthier and happier lives. Scott really stressed that Forever Forward Finanical’s mission to help educate people on “How Money Works” and that even low to middle income families have the ability to invest and plan for retirement. Times have changed and we need to be prepared for anything! This is true pre-pandemic times and now more than ever, post-pandemic.
There is so much great information shared in this show and if you were not able to join live, you can replay it here
*During the show Scott made an offer for Moments of Clarity Listeners, check out the show to find out more! 
You can reach Scott Bigley directly at (727) 422-7761 or contact him on facebook.

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