Welcome to our new Home, And Check out our Guests This Week on MOC

Hey everyone! First off, if you’re reading this on the Moments of Clarity website, welcome to our new home. We completed our move to a WordPress site, which will allow us to grow and do so much more with the website going forward. We’re very excited to have this new tool, but like any move, we are also still unpacking a bit, so there are some things that aren’t available, like older blog posts, etc. We’ll get some of that taken care of soon, promise.

Hopefully though, everything that is here, works. If you see something that doesn’t, feel free leave a comment below and we’ll try and get it fixed!

In other news, we have a couple of great guests this week on Moments of Clarity.

On Thursday, Scott Bigley from Forever Forward Financial will be back, talking about the stresses of our finances! Look, this year has been a mess. Even if you were able to continue working, you’re likely dealing with some form of impact on your finances, and those impacts on your finances have an impact on your own mental health, and that has an impact on your relationships, and on and on.

Scott will be sharing some tips for easing a bit of that financial stress, and will be open to answering questions for callers during the show. This is a great chance to get some expert advice, so please join us on Thursday.

Then, on Friday we’ll have the CEO of Jaguarundi Shores, Mickey Power. This new therapeutic resort specializes in Couples Retreats, Stress Reduction Retreats and Corporation Building Retreats, which I’m sure he’ll tell us plenty about, but also share some of his own history, working in Oklahoma and Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor, working with a variety of patients with both psychiatric and chemical dependency needs. He has also served with a multidisciplinary advocacy team to address severe sexual trauma in children of impoverished rural Oklahoma.

That tells me he has quite a lot of information to share that may be very helpful to any of us interested in the mental health space.

You can join us by tuning in, Noon Eastern Time, to either TanTalk1340,YouTube Live, or on Facebook Live.

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