Staying True to Yourself with Drew Droege

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On Friday, Drew Droege, Writer / Actor / Playwright joined Tiffany for an amazing Moments of Clarity show! His work on movies, TV, projects, and podcasts is impressive! He has written for Netflix’s “Big Mouth” and the upcoming show “AJ and the Queen,” starring RuPaul. His most recent tv/film acting credits include “El Tonto,” Search Party,” “Teachers,” “Heathers,” “Bob’s Burgers,” “Drunk History,” “Life in Pieces,” and “Now Apocalypse.” He received the Outstanding Performance award at Outfest Los Angeles in 2018 for his work in the BroadwayHD capture of “Bright Colors and Bold Pattern.” And you can check out his most recent project Drew Droege’s One Man Show, “Happy Birthday Doug” on BroadwayHD.
Drew came from a small town in North Carolina where he longed to be a professional actor and he eventually made the move to LA in 1999. He started at The Groundlings where he developed his writing skills and gained the support of the acting community.  
He shared about how he handles anxiety and what motivates him to continue when things get tough.  He tries to stay true to himself which can be hard even in the LGBTQ community where his peers can be your best ally or worst enemies. What has worked for him since he began acting and writing was to follow his bliss! 
You can find out more about Drew Droege and check out his projects here: 
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