TV Personality and Women’s Empowerment Life Coach, Tiffany Hendra

On Thursday, Tiffany Hendra, former cast member of Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Dallas and the creator of the YouTube Channel Sanctuary Of Style, and The Coaching Sanctuary, joined Moments of Clarity. Tiffany Hendra is active in several non-profit’s that are focused on the healing and empowerment of women and teen girls. She is on the advisory board of Treasured Vessels Foundation building safe homes to rehabilitate underage victims of sex trafficking. She is an online coach, and ambassador, Tiffany uses all of these platforms for one sole mission; to help women overcome past circumstances to live a more purposeful and confident life. In her own words: “I believe confident women change the world!”
She was already on a spiritual journey in LA prior to she and her husband moving to Texas and joining The Real Housewives of Dallas. During the conversation with host Tiffany Werhner she shared, “I found ways to turn the negative around with love and positivity”.  Tiffany wants to share her passion and inspire women! Tiffany believes, “you can use your pain for purpose.” 
On the show she talked about her struggles, her rock bottom moment, recovery, and what she is still doing today to encourage and empower women!  You will want to tune in and replay the show to hear her story and all the amazing insight’s Tiffany Hendra has to share! 
If you missed the show, you can catch up now, and share it with your friends!
Tiffany Hendra can be seen on her YouTube channel – Sanctuary of Style
And her latest project: 



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