Joan E. Childs on Chronic Emotional Detachment

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On Friday, Joan E. Childs, LCSW, was back on the show with Tiffany talking about relationships. Over the last 6 months, many of us are spending more time with our spouse or partners than anywhere else, and all those little issues might just becoming bigger issues. Joan and Tiffany talk about what you can do about that, including the importance of being authentic, able to feel love, and make others feel loved, and becoming mature in our relationships.
Of course, that’s not all, we also need to make these same efforts with our kids, who are also struggling without some of their normal activities and interactions, and even our pets might be feeling some of the stress and anxiety!
So, it’s important that we learn how to not go into our own little protective mode of detaching, because when we do, we are putting barriers between us and the people who most need us to connect with them during this time.
Check out more of what Joan has to offer from her 42 years of experience in this field!
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