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Overcoming Substance Abuse, Incarceration, & Life After Recovery

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If you missed Friday’s show with special guest Patrick Montoya, we recommend giving it a listen now.
Patrick talks about the impact of not having someone be there for him as a child led him to anti-social behavior and eventually to trying to self-medicate.
His substance abuse eventually landed him in jail, where far from learning better coping skills, just left him even more unable to cope with life once he was released 3 years ago. As he says, “I got released with no idea of how I was going to get out from this”.
Luckily, Patrick was able to first get sober, and stay sober for the last 32 months. That was really step one, but then to also figure out how to not just stay sober, but deal with all of the underlying emotions that led him down that path to begin with in order to become the man he wants to be, and live the life he wants to live.
He shares his story, he says, to be honest with his own boys and try to steer them away from the same paths that he’s been on, but also in the hopes of reaching anyone who needs to know that there is hope, even after substance abuse, and even after being incarcerated.
That’s a message worth sharing.

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