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The stigma on mental health prevents people from seeking the help that they need in order to reach their full potential in life to truly be happy. Labels and fear of mental health issues are often misunderstood and by breaking the barrier on this, the world can see mental health is nothing to fear or be ashamed of. The mission and passion of the “Moments of Clarity with Tiffany” live interactive radio show is to educate and help end the stigma on mental health through the inspirational stories of exceptional guests, and the resources on this website.

Tiffany Werhner is Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Author of an Author Academy Awards Nominated book, and Host of the “People’s Choice Nominated” Radio Show, called “Moments of Clarity With Tiffany”, which has been aired for the past 6 years and on several radio stations and podcast platforms.

Living with a mental health disorder is not easy. If you or someone you know is struggling with this, please know it’s so important to seek treatment and we are here to help!

Check out all the blog posts and resources on this site to help educate and inspire you to take action, because there’s no shame in seeking help for mental health!

Change can only come when we stand together as one!

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